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  • For over half a decade, I have trusted Dago and CND Company to execute and build my designs for clients. Kitchens, bathrooms, bump-outs, additions, and whole-floor remodels – you name it, they can do it. Dago is an excellent lead contractor and supervisor who is regularly in touch with (if not physically on) his jobsites to ensure any questions get answered and all execution is as it should be. They maintain a high standard of quality and it shows in their detailed workmanship. He cares about not only delivering an excellent installation but also in meeting – even exceeding – the expectations of homeowners. I’ve chosen Dago and his company as the contractor for dozens of clients’ home remodel jobs, as well as (many times!) projects in my own home.

    There are always unexpected and unforseeable issues that can pop up during a home renovation; that’s just the nature of the business. For me, this is what marks the quality of a truly great contractor: when something unexpected comes up, Dago has always promptly called me to inform me of the situation, present options to resolve the problem, and then what the impacts will be (time, money, etc.). He has integrity, is honest, and is an expert at his trade. I have complete confidence in his recommendations and know my clients are in good hands because he’s proactive about anything that isn’t done right – or perhaps wasn’t done right by the last guy and could be a safety hazard if it’s not resolved.

    I can almost guarantee once you work with CND you’ll be calling them back as your coveted “go-to” contractor. It’s amazing what doors can be opened – figuratively or literally – when you suddenly have a “go-to” like that you can trust! As a professional with experience trying to find quality tradesmen, I can tell you how difficult quality is to come by. But they are a gem in the industry: I give my highest recommendations for Dago and CND Company.


    Stephanie Brick, Assoc. AIA, WELL AP, LEED GA

    Stephanie Brick
  • My Wife and I chose to hire C&D company when we purchased our new home in Spring Valley neighborhood of Washington, DC, in February 2015. The house is built in 1937 and was never remodeled till our purchase date since the family who owned it lived there since 1945 which required us to go through a full renovation of theentire house including the basement and the backyard to bring it up to today’scode and standards of living.

    We consulted with friends and family whom had performed renovation before and C&DCompany came with the highest amount of recommendations and when we contacted them, we found Dago to be very responsive and thorough during the interview, budget and contract process. This also continued during the actual construction, they managed to complete the renovation on time and with high quality of work before we move into the house.

    The team is very professional and also considerate of the neighborhood and so naturally we received complements from our neighbors on the same.

    Now, it is more than a year since completion of the initial project and Dago still is helping us with any issues that come up at the house periodically. We will certainly recommend him to our friends and family and consider him for our own future projects. Please don’t hesitate to call/email me at (571)221-5932 or anasserian@mcrtrust.com if you have any further questions.

    Amirali Nasserian

    Managing Director

    Mill Creek Residential

    Amirali Nasserian
  • We have used Dago for many projects over several years. He has completely finished our basement, changing it from a dark, low-ceiling hole into a lovely, modern movie theatre room, full bathroom, bedroom, and walk-in closet. This was no easy task as the ceiling had to be removed and raised, the 1940’s brick floor was removed (upon Dago’s recommendation) which added 3″ to the height of the room, and the back wall was removed and pushed back, giving us an extra 2′ in the room itself. In addition, a massive brick pylon in the middle of the basement needed to be removed, and all of the duct and electrical work needed to be pulled out and reconfigured. I’m not sure if he showed you the picture, but we feel that this was the best investment we ever made. We use the basement constantly, and we now have a guest room suite downstairs.

    Dago is responsive, creative, timely, and cost appropriate for the work. In addition to being very creative himself, he is thoughtful, brilliant, and kind…quite a combination. There is honestly not a single problem we have thrown at Dago (and we’ve had many) over the years that he hasn’t been able to figure out and fix.

    I’m happy to speak with you more about Dago if you’d like. He has also built an addition on our house that nearly doubled the square footage of our 1500 sq foot Cape Cod. It’s wonderful! Suffice it to say, we really love Dago (and all of the men who work for him). The team is dedicated, quiet, hard-working, pleasant, and are very careful to clean up after themselves when they are finished each day.

    Let me know if you have more questions. 703-346-4268.

    Cathi Cohen, LCSW, CGP

    Director/Founder of In Step

    Cathi Cohen
  • It truly was a pleasure working with everyone at CND. Dago and his team were highly professional, offering creative suggestions (tile layouts, window design, where to place appliances and French doors, etc) to make the final result of our major renovation most useable and economic. I remain extremely happy with the results, which you can see in these photos. What I most remember, however, was how CND was like family; I was trapped in a secure video conference when my daughter’s middle school called home to say she was sick; Dago, much to my relief, went and fetched and brought her home for me. We’ve continued to work with CND, handling a bathroom and kitchen remodel the rental property we own, knowing that the renovations would be beautiful and economical.

    Virginia Palmer
    Ambassador of United States for Malawi

    Virginia Palmer




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